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Let's face it... "Everybody loves a good slush" ! The Kids love it, Adults love it (especially mixed with alcohol), Family and Friends love it, it's the WOW factor at parties, and it's a Smash Hit during summer!  People all around the world drink slushy everyday, its just a part of who we are and what we love to do. 

Millions of people have wanted a professional slushy machine in their homes for years, BUT the problem is, until now, the crazy $2,000+ price-tags have made this luxury item impossible for the everyday person to afford. The other major problems with professional machines on the market is that they are big and bulky in size and simply don't fit on the kitchen bench. Traditional slushy machines weigh in at around 55 kgs up to 75 kilograms, making it too heavy to move around or take away on holidays, and unfortunately, they don't match the kitchen decor requirements either! 

                So this got us thinking...

What if we set a new industry standard? What if we created the World's First, Custom Sized, Professional Slushy Machine for homes at the World's Most Affordable Price?  

      The result? The birth of the " iSlush "

                                             Here's the stats:- 

  •  The iSlush stands at only 40cm in height and 38cm wide "The perfect kitchen bench top size and the most compact machine ever created" 
  •  It's only around 22kgs in weight "The lightest professional slushy machine ever created" 
  •  It comes with 2 x 3 Liter tanks which creates up to a whopping 30 cups of perfect, consistent, mouthwatering slush before you even need to bother with top-ups! (Blenders/Ice-Crush-add-salt machines do around 3 cups only) 
  • Available in 7 High-Gloss finish colour choices "Created to suit the decor of almost any kitchen design"
  • Simple to operate- Simply add water, your favourite slushy flavours (alcohol if that's your liking), switch it on, and let the iSlush do all the hard work for you!  

    iSlush is the  "World's Lightest, World's Most Compact, World's Most Affordable" HANDS DOWN!

This product truly is in a league of it's own. For the first time in history, you can now own a product that brings genuine happiness, fun, smiles and value to your home at a price never before seen in the industry.

           We hope this products excites you as much as it has us!

                                                 Thank You




Here you will find our selection of immaculately finished, high gloss Slushy units, in the world's most popular colours, crafted to suit the kitchen or benchtop decor requirements of any home or business.

Diamond Yellow

iSlush Machine
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Pricing & Delivery

The iSlush is now available world wild!

From only $499Aud + delivery

Don't pay the industry standard $2,000+ price tag anymore, when you can own the iSlush for a fraction of the price!

* For all orders outside of Australia, the U.S. and Canada, please send us your order quantity requirements via our Contact Us page.
For bulk order requests, please send us an email with your volume requirements, colour range and delivery details, and we will tailor a free quote for you.
*Delivery may vary for remote or rural areas. Email us for confirmation at if you live in a rural or remote location. Thank you
*Warranty: The iSlush comes with a 12 month Parts & Workmanship Warranty.

Flavours Range

An industry leading machine requires industry leading flavours, so we went all out and partnered with some of the biggest names on the market, to bring you mouth watering slushy flavours to send your taste buds dancing! Simply click on your country flag, select your flavours, and click the hyperlink directing you to our industry partner. By using the unique code "iSlush", you will gain access to special prices and package deals all year around!

Australian Range American Range Canadian Range

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